Somatosensory yoga fitness ring with non-slip handle and adjustable leg straps, suitable for ring adventure sports games


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  • Nintend Switch Somatosensory Yoga Fitness Ring Anti-Slip Grips Adjustable Leg Strap Set For Ring Fit Adventure Sport Game

    Ring Fit Adventure When you play, you need to put Joy-Con on the fitness ring and thigh straps, then complete the running, flying, boating and other actions in the game. In this work, there will be a ''fit battleu'' like the round RPG encounter. In this case, you can also create a variety of exercise postures (such as archery) to create enemies. Different strikes. After completing different levels, players can gain experience points. Continuous upgrades can reinforce the character's attributes to unlock a variety of techniques that can be used in actual combat.
    Unique Design: The Leg Strap was Grips are specially designed for Ring-Con Switch Fit Adventure, used for the most popular switch game. Comfortable Wear 8 Easy to maintain 
    Fit most leg sizes: It has adjustable Velcro strap so you can adjust the length according to the size of your leg for adults and children. Simple and convenient.
    Release your hands: The product combines controller grip and Leg to release your hands. It can help you concentrate on the moves. Freely and enjoyable rather than tired during the game. Just insert the Joy-Cons in the grip, and tighten according to your leg, then start your game freely.
    Through many reliability tests [Strap tension test, Hand washing test, Sweat test, Aging test, Material chemical environmental test], can protect your skin and your Joy-Con well. Soft, breathable, and lightweight, no buckle, no snagging and no scratching.

    Color: Black
    Weight: 523g
    Size: 70mm x 330mm x 340mm

    Package Includes:
    1 x Switch Fitness Ring
    1 x Leg Belt
    (without game, without Joy-con)

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